About Us


Coronavirusindia19.info was started with the noble explanation for guiding the Indian and world aspirants or individuals about the corona virus patients in second largest populated country in the World . Corona virus india features a team of young and energetic people who contributing the world aspirants or individuals during corona virus crisis in a focused manner.

Coronavirusindia19.info is run by team of two members with the goal of making india statistics and offered in a challenging and time applicable format to a wide audience around the india and state/UT and district. We have no political and governmental and corporate affiliation. Furthermore, we have no investors, donors, grants, or backers of any type. We are completely self-regulating and self-financed through computerized programmatic promotion.

How it works:-

For the corona virus live updated data about india , we collect daily data from official reports of government agency directly from Government’s communication channels or indirectly, through local indian media sources. we offer the source of every data update within the “Latest Updates” section.

Why Live Counters?

While using static numbers to describe numerical change through time, we fail to provide a wisdom of the relationship between the scale of change and the flow of time, which is how we knowledge change in actual life. What static numbers fail to provide is the awareness of the frequency and timing of events, the measure, an essential part of nature and a tool for understanding the physical phenomena surrounding us. Only by employing live counters we are able to convey these elements and truly hold the magnitude of the quantifiable change through time.