New Zealand overcame Coronavirus’s fight with contact tracing without clapping

When a country is fighting the covid-19 and it is controlled after a long battle, the 39-year-old leader of the  New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Labor Party, told his country that in New Zealand a Even the coronavirus active case is not left, New Zealand has won the battle of coronavirus with contact tracing, so on this occasion, they decided to take a little swing and did a little dance, but New Zealand did not achieve this by clapping, but ground their plans. But landed and made better communication with the public, now the restriction of level 4 has been brought down to the ban of level 1, that is, the restrictions of distance from the body have been eliminated.

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In New Zealand, only 22 people have died since covid-19, 1504 cases out of which 1482 have been recovered and no new cases have been reported in 2 weeks, it was announced in New Zealand on the midnight of 8 June that Now their country reaches the restrictions on Level 1 restrictions, that is, life is normal, just waiting for it but keeping a distance of 2 meters in each other.New Zealand is starting to look like life is running on track again. Nightclub has fully opened; Restrictions have been lifted in the restaurant, which is being rejuvenated at night. The system of contact tracing  is so well established that the government is also confident Even if a case has come, it will be found from whom.

What is the system of contact tracing ?

Contact tracing in New Zealand, it means that whenever someone goes, someone comes and is keeping his own record and wherever he was going, everyone was writing his name address, so that if a positive case comes out tomorrow, then it can reach the people who have come to that place and can isolate them. New Zealand has made a system through QR code  that any building you go to will be in the shop. You will also go to the office and you will have to scan that barcode and it will do that if you have a record of going everywhere then if you are infected then you will know who came in contact with you and who you can be infected with. And who could be the reason for you.

Coronavirus's fight with contact tracing
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New Zealand Prime Minister’s success

Prime Minister Jasinda Ardern has won the Coronavirus battle with contact tracing, but is also conscious of the success, saying that the world is still in the grip of Corona, so we have to be cautious as such cases can come again but we can go to level one It is a matter of pride that now we should start taking advantage of this and strengthen the economy, on February 28, the first case came by New Zealand.

Even at this time, the Prime Minister says that if you are ill, keep your hands clean at home, if you have fever, then do the test of Kovid-19, keep track of where you are going, take care of others and be ready for any level warning. New Zealand kept its grip from the start of the covid-19 campaign from 28 February to 15 March, only eight to 22 May, the total number of infections increased to 1504 and after that the momentum started subsiding till 30 May , On 8 June The number of active cases on zero when the last patient recovered and went home after 22 May, not a single person has come to New Zealand, that is, on 28 May, the last time a person died there.

New Zealand and Gurugram population

Health Director General Ashley Bloomfield said that this date is a turning point in our country’s journey. Today pictures of New Zealand cities are seen running, you must be understanding that how much the population of origin is for New Zealand with a population of 5 million. If it is possible to do it, then tell me one thing, Gurugram is near Delhi. Gurugram has a population of 30 lakhs (3 million). In this 1 district, success can be achieved like New Zealand because what has been the fastest even after 80 days of lockdown. The success of New Zealand is not so modest that you should leave aside in the name of the population. There was a command to play the plate there and no, the public has forgotten everything.


Prime Minister Jasinda Ardern handled her country better.

The City of Auckland New Zealand’s business center, has faced a lot of challenges during his 3-year tenure when the volcano erupted and the firing at the Christ Church mosque, he handled his country in a much better way. In between, he got a chance to present the budget as well and kept a regular press conference and kept talking to the public through Facebook Live, not giving a one-sided speech but also answering questions.

 contact tracing,
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In New Zealand, on March 25, the day after the lockout took place in India, on March 25, New Zealand’s lockout business school office could have stopped all the steps, but the results have been pleasant now, there was talk of Team India in India too, but now you see that What is the condition of that team but the Prime Minister of New Zealand always keep addressing the entire country as a team of 50 lack( 5 million )New Zealand did not hurry to remove the lockdown but waited a long time, it was announced that no case was reached for two weeks. There is no case in this, no electoral rally was done before this with LED screen installed.

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